What is Sparkling Ice®?

It’s a refreshingly delicious sparkling water that delivers bold flavour and just the right amount of fizz, with only 12 Calories. Sparkling Ice is the Bold Side of Water®.

How many flavours does Sparkling Ice offer?

There are currently five Sparkling Ice flavours available in the United Kingdom and Ireland: Black Raspberry, Cloudy Lemon, Kiwi Strawberry, Orange Mango, and Peach Nectarine.  These are sold in individual 500 mL bottles.  Black Raspberry and Orange Mango are also available in packs of four with 400 mL bottles.

How many kilojoules/calories?

There are 50 kJ/12 calories per 500 mL serving.

Where can I purchase Sparkling Ice products?

Sparkling Ice is available at a number of national retailers-please check out our Find Us page for a full list.

What is the sweetener used in Sparkling Ice products?

Sucralose is a non-nutritive sweetener. Questions about sucralose?

Do Sparkling Ice beverages contain caffeine?

No, it is caffeine free.

Are Sparkling Ice beverages gluten-free?


What is the potassium content of Sparkling Ice?

Approx. 49 mg potassium / per 500 mL serving.

How should I store Sparkling Ice products for best taste?

Store away from direct sunlight in a cool location. As in life, chill for best results®.

Is the colour safe?

The food colours we use in Sparkling Ice are approved safe for beverage use in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Are your bottles BPA and phthalate-free?

We mutually appreciate concern for BPA and phthalate-free products. You can rest assured that our plastic bottles do not contain BPA or phthalates.

Who distributes Sparkling Ice?

Sparkling Ice is distributed exclusively by Red Star Beverages in the United Kingdom and Richmond Marketing in Ireland.

What is Talking Rain Beverage Company?

Talking Rain is the maker of Sparkling Ice. Talking Rain Beverage Company is a privately owned and operated company headquartered just outside of Seattle, Washington.

Can I buy Sparkling Ice products directly from Talking Rain Beverage Company?

Our company does not sell direct in the United Kingdom or Ireland.